What to do if I receive a spam comment on my blog?

Spam comments are defined as irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

Abusive, rude, insulting or inappropriate comments are not spam and should not be dealt with as such. For an article about how to deal with such comments, see here.

Here are some general comments about spam and how it is dealt with on the Creative Blogs platform:
  1. We use the Akismet antispam filter system on all our sites. It catches and silently filters more than 99% of all spam comments that are posted to your site. When a spam comment is detected it goes straight into the spam folder and you are never notified.
  2. Occasionally a spam comment will get through the filters and appear as a comment for moderation. If this happens you will get a notification to moderate it.
  3. Spam tends to come and go in waves so you may not get any spam comments on your blog for a while and then several may appear in quick succession.
  4. The anti spam filter learns, so if you do get a comment that is obviously spam, mark it as such in moderation and it will go to the spam folder. In this way Akismet learns to detect sources of spam and will block future comments from the same source. Note: all blogs with Akismet are communicating with Akismet's servers all the time and in this way new sources of spam are quickly identified and blocked on all blogs using the system.
  5. DO NOT SIMPLY DELETE SPAM. Always mark it as spam in comment moderation. If you simply delete spam comments, Akismet will not learn and become more effective at blocking future spam.
  6. Sometimes the reverse happens and a legitimate comment is put in the spam folder. This is known as a 'false positive'. It is worth checking the spam folder on the comments moderation screen from time to time to make sure no legitimate comment is being filtered out. If you find a genuine comment  in the spam folder, mark it as "Not Spam" and it will be put back into the moderation queue.
  7. Never mark abusive, rude, insulting or inappropriate comments as spam. These should be simply deleted or left unmoderated for investigation.
If you are not sure about the veracity or source of a comment, leave it in the moderation queue and always email support@creativeblogs.zendesk.com ensuring that you include the name of the blog that the comment appears on.


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