How to add Google Analytics to the dashboard of your blog

Google Analytics is a powerful traffic analysis tool that will give you accurate information on traffic to your blog network including which pages and posts are the most popular, which search terms people use to find your sites, which countries you traffic comes from and the type of browser used. Included in your network's setup is a Google Analytics plugin that displays your analytics data on your blog's admin dashboard so every time you log in you have access to up to date tracking data.

Setting up your blogs with Google Analytics is very simple. You need to be a Super Admin on your blogs to be able to set this up. If you are not sure about this, get in touch.


1. Sign up for Google Analytics

Visit and click "Sign up". If you are already logged in to a Google account you will go straight to the tracking set up page. If you are not you will need to sign in with a Google account, or set one up. Important: you should not use a personal Google account for this. Either use a general school Google account or set up a new one just for the purpose of using Google Analytics. This means that if you change school or wish to give another person access to the Google Analytics dashboard you will not have to disclose personal login data.


2. Set up tracking

Once you have set up or logged in to  your Google account you will arrive at the tracking set up page.

Account name should be the school's name.

Website name should be something like "School blog network"

Website URL should be the web address of the homepage. Take care not to make a mistake with this.

Industry category should be set to "Other" from the dropdown menu.

Reporting Timezone should be set to your timezone.

Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue button labelled "Get Tracking ID". You will be required to accept the terms and conditions of service for your country. Once accepted you are taking to a page with lots of information and code snippets for setting up tracking. Because this is all managed by a plugin on you blogs you simply need to copy the tracking code. This is an alphanumeric code that looks something like this:


This code is unique to your website. Highlight the code and copy.


3. Set up Analytics on you blogs

Now go to the Network Admin Dashboard on your blogs. Hover over settings and select "Google Analytics" from the menu.

Paste your unique tracking code into the box marked Network-wide Tracking Code.

Now click the button marked "get access code"

A box opens requiring you to get an access code. Click "here". This takes you to your Google account and you must select the correct account if more than 1 Google account is used on your computer. Now you need to click "Allow" to accept Google tracking your data. Once this has done you will be presented with a screen giving you a long code of random characters. Carefully copy this code making sure you do not miss any characters. Paste the code into the box labelled "Input access code:". Now click "Authorize".

The page will tell you that you have successfully logged in and authorised Google Analytics. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Save Changes" and that is the set up complete.

Note that it will take up to 24 hours before you start to see tracking data appearing on the dashboard of your home blog.


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