How To Display Flickr Favourites

We work with a number of schools who use multiple Flickr accounts - one per class is the usual model. This is great practice because it means that on each class blog the latest photo feed relates only to photos added to that class blog's Flickr account. It also means that each class takes responsibility for their own Flickr account and organises it how they want it. However, this rather begs the question, how would you display photos from all the different class Flickr accounts in a single slideshow on the homepage?

The easiest way to do this is by using the Flickr "Favorites" feature. First of all, assuming you have a separate Flickr account for the homepage, simply go to each of the class Flickr accounts in turn while logged in to your "whole school" Flickr account and click the +Follow button. This means that Flickr will notify you of any new pictures added to those class accounts. Once you follow all the class accounts simply click the star icon on any pictures you want to add to your favourites. Regularly adding new favourites to your colection will automatically update your "Favourites" slideshow with your latest choices.


Creating a slideshow of "Favorites"

Once you have a collection of favourites you can display them as a slideshow on a page on your blog.

Use the following Slickr Flickr shortcode:

[slickr-flickr type="slideshow" size="m640" align="center" captions="off" search="favorites" id="148424152@N02" items="20"]

Notes on this code:

  • The bit highlighted in red should be your own Flickr account ID;
  • size="m640" has been chosen because the blog's theme is mobile friendly and this will enable the slideshow to resize instead of selecting a preset size;
  • Note the American spelling of "favorites";
  • captions="off" could be set to captions="on"
  • align="center" could be set to align="left" or align="right"
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