How to add children's logins using Blog and User Creator

A class list never stays static for too long, children come and go extremely regularly in some schools. There is nothing worse than having a new child start and them being excluded from your class blog for weeks while waiting for an admin person to create the necessary login. Fortunately, the Blog and User Creator plugin that we use makes it simple for class teachers to add users to their blog.


Deciding on usernames

Before you add any users it is wise to sort out the usernames and passwords you are going to use before you create them in your site. In all of our school sites we use a convention when creating a child's login. This usually consists of the year the child is leaving, plus their first name. For example, 17john

Go to the dashboard of your class blog and click on "Users" from the left hand menu. You will be presented with a user list for your class and you will be able to see the usernames employed. Any new users you create should follow this convention.


Duplicate Usernames

Wordpress does not allow for duplicate usernames, so from your class list, ensure that there is not an existing user with the same proposed username. Note that in schools with multiple classes per year you will need to check whether this username exists in the other classes too. Depending on your access privileges you may need to ask the other teachers if you don't know. Where a duplicate exists we usually add the first initial of the surname so that in the example above the username would become 17johns if a user called 17john already existed.

Important note: Usernames may not contain dashes, hyphens, apostrophes, uppercase or spaces etc.


Adding the users

From the main lefthand menu on your blog, select Users > Blog & User Creator


Now click on the Add New Users tab


You are presented with a form to fill in with the relevant user details. Fill the form in as many times as you need. If you want to add more than 5 users then simply click the "Add More" button at the foot of the form.

Once finished, click "Submit"


Important Notes:

  1. For children, set the User Role field as Contributor;
  2. Always make a note of any usernames and passwords created and ideally add them to your class spreadsheet of logins. You CANNOT go back and check what password you have set once the user has been created.
  3. If you are adding a large number of user logins at once, be patient, it will take a few moments to create all the accounts.
  4. Go back to Users and check on the user list to make sure all is as you expect once complete.

The same technique can be used to add accounts for new teachers, e.g. student teachers, TAs etc coming in to your class. Follow the same as above but use the naming convention for teacher accounts (usually first initial and surname) but simply give them a different User Role, usually "Editor".

If you wish to add users from another blog to your own blog, then you can also use this plugin to achieve that by clicking on the Add Existing Users tab. Simply add their username and assign a role to them.

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