How to create a slider using the Soliloquy plugin


Soliloquy is a very simple slider (slideshow) creator for your blogsite. It produces simple, mobile friendly sliders that don't require Flash software making it suitable for all platforms. When creating a slider you can either upload images directly into the slider creator or use the Wordpress image library on your blog. There are a number of different slider themes to choose from and a range of other addons you can activate. Altogether it makes a very simple and powerful addition to your multisite.

We don't install Soliloquy as standard, so if you want this plugin, get in touch and we will install it, licence it for all current blogs (and your template blog) and activate the themes add on, default settings add on, and disable right click download add on for a one off charge of £75. Click here to order.


How to create a slider with Soliloquy

1. To create a new slideshow go to Soliloquy > Add New from the blog menu.


2. Next, click "Select files from computer" to upload from your pc or ipad, or "Select from other sources" to select from the blog's media library.


3. Select all the photos that you wish to upload and either click "Open" if selecting from computer, or "Insert into slider" if using the image library. Important note: Soliloquy currently does not allow you to rotate uploaded images so make sure you orientate images correctly prior to upload.

4. Once your images have uploaded, drag and drop them into the order that you want. Click on the blue pencil icon in the top right corner of an image to add a caption. Click on the red cross icon to delete an image from the slider.

5. Beneath the selected slides click "Config" to change slider settings. Note: the important setting here is the dimensions. Because you want to use a slider in a blog post or a page rather than across the top of the theme you need to adjust the size settings. We suggest that 500x500 would be right for most themes, but feel free to experiment.

6. Now click "Publish" (top right).

7. Soliloquy will generate a shortcode to display the slider that will look something like this: [soliloquy id="1030"]

7. Paste this shortcode onto the blog post or page that you want to display it on. Publish your post or page.

Edit or re-use existing slider

Select "Soliloquy" from the menu to edit sliders that you have already created or to get the shortcode again.

In the post editor you will also now see an "add slider" button which allows you to add any slideshows that you have already created.



Further reading:

Soliloquy comes with a bunch of addons which extend its functionality: Which Addons should I install with Soliloquy?

There is loads of extra help stuff on

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