Which Addons to install with Soliloquy?

The Soliloquy slideshow plugin comes with a selection of addons that can be installed to enhance the functionality of Soliloquy. These are simple to install and activate and their use is covered by our licence key.

For a tutorial on how to create a slideshow with Soliloquy, click here.


Installing an Addon


From the Soliloquy menu select and click "Addons".

You will either be presented with a screen of addons to select, or, more likely, be required to click the "Refresh Addons" button.


Installing Addons


To install an addon, simply click the "Install Addon" button. Once installed, the plugin status will show as "Inactive". Click the "Activate" button to make the plugin active.

Note: Addons must be activated on each individual blog by going to the Soliloquy Addons menu on each blog's dashboard. But, once installed on any one of your blogs you do not need to keep installing the addon on successive blogs: it simply displays as "inactive" and just requires activation on any other blog you visit.


Which Addons?

The function of most addons is self explanatory. We would highlight the following:

Defaults Addon: This creates a set of defaults such as image size and theme for any new slideshow that you create. This is very useful because you can preset dimensions for slides that work well with the particular theme you are using.

Slider Themes Addon: A set of different styled templates to choose from when making a slideshow.

Protection Addon: Disables "Right Click Download" for images in slideshows (does not prevent use of screen grabber tools).

Thumbnails Addon: Creates a set of thumbnails for navigation below your slideshow.

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