How to get outdated content removed from a Google Search

Sometimes you can find a situation where content that you have posted on the web is no longer available, or you have deleted it, but it still shows up in Google Search results. This can be particularly the case where you have switched your school website to a new provider (hopefully us), but could also relate to scenarios where something like a "Looked After Child" has posted something on a class blog that could lead to their identification and it had mistakenly got through the moderation process.
The first step to take is always to remove the content yourself by deleting it from your blog or in the case of a whole website, ask the website host to remove it for you, thus ensuring that if the link in the search is clicked you'll get to a "page not found error". (Note: when one of our customers transfers their website to us, we will generally take steps to get old web addresses redirected to the new one). If you are not sure whether or not the content has been deleted, always ask for advice (submit a support request above).
Once the content has been removed then it is likely that over time it will be dropped from the Google Search results. However, in the second scenario where the need to remove the search result altogether is more pressing then you can try the Google Outdated Content Removal Tool.
In order for this tool to work, the search result that you have requested the removal of must no longer exist on the web, i.e. it must have been deleted.
  1. Do a Google Search for the content; this might be a child's name or school name.
  2. Click on the link provided by the Google Search result to ensure that the content is no longer available.
  3. Copy the URL (web address) that the Google Search has sent you to from the browser address bar.
  4. Enter the outdated address into the box on the Outdated Content Removal Tool page.
  5. Click the red "Request removal" button.

You can submit multiple requests and the status of all your requests is displayed beneath the Removal Tool submission box.

Important note: this tool is for the removal of dead links to deleted content from Google Search results, not for the reporting or removal of content that you consider to be illegal, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate.

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