Issue with Easy Blogging plugin

Important Update - Issue with the Easy Blogging plugin.
Several Schools have reported an issue whereby when children are logged in to their class blog as contributors (their normal role) they are unable to use the Visual Editor to write a blog post.
It appears that this is due to a conflict with another plugin that we use on all our sites. The short term solution is to go to Network Admin > Plugins and click Network Deactivate under the Easy Blogging plugin. This will remove the children's dashboard and they will use the normal contributor dashboard.
It is important to note that this gives them access to view comments made on the blog. IT IS, THEREFORE, IMPERATIVE THAT TEACHERS KEEP ON TOP OF COMMENT MODERATION WHILE WE FIND A SOLUTION. This is obviously our top priority at this point.
Alternatively, you can leave the Easy Blogging plugin enabled pending us finding a solution to the issue. But recognise that children will be unable to blog while this remains in force.
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