Solution to the Easy Blogging issue

Earlier this week we reported an issue with Easy Blogging that was preventing children writing a blog post in the visual editor (see here).

We have a solution to the Easy Blogging plugin issue. After discussions with the authors of the Easy Blogging plugin it became clear that there was no long term future in persisting with this plugin anymore and we have decided to retire it from our platform. The result will be that Easy Blogging will now be removed from your system and replaced by the User Role Editor Pro plugin. This enables us to control what each role in Wordpress can and can't do at a very granular level giving extremely robust e-safety at the dashboard. We have been testing it extensively on four school sites and it is working really well. Our first priority is to roll it out across all our sites to ensure children can access their Wordpress dashboards. This is a major task in itself and it means that the first roll out will cover just the children. in time, we will use the plugin to develop custom teacher and teaching assistant roles in Wordpress to simplify their dashboards, too. Thanks for your patience and don't hesitate to get in touch if you need a priority update.

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