Embedding a Padlet on a blog

Padlet.com is a very popular web tool used by many teachers to create collaborative resource boards, plenaries, arguments etc. One of its great features is that you can put a fully functioning Padlet into your class blog making it ideal for home learning and independent learning tasks.

Here is a short tutorial on how to do it.

Once you have set up your Padlet, click "Share" in the top righthand corner.


Next you need to set the correct privacy settings. Make the Padlet public (or it won't display on your blog) and then scroll down and turn on moderation in the advanced settings. Important: if moderation is not switched on anyone who visits your blog will be able to post anything on your Padlet without you first reviewing what they have posted.


Next, click on the share/export/embed tab and find the option titled "Embed in your blog or website". Click this, the you are presented with a paragraph of computer code that you need to copy. Copy the code.


Now, in your blog, add a new post. In the post editor screen, just above the tool bar you will see two tabs: "Visual" and "Text". Click the text tab to switch the editor into text mode. Now you can paste the code copied from Padlet into your blog and publish.



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