Using your school's awards assembly

Big up blogging in your awards assembly. Each week or fortnight or whatever, set a challenge:

  • Which blog can get the most visitors this week;
  • Which blog can get the most comments in a week;
  • How many different countries can you get to visit;
  • Which blog has the best blog post;
  • Which blog posts has the most constructive comment;
  • Award "Blog of the week" prizes and put a digital badge on the blog.

To add a digital badge to a sidebar widget:

  1. Media > Add New  then upload the image;
  2. Once uploaded, click "Edit Image" and copy the image URL (in the grey box on the right);
  3. Now go to Appearance > Widgets and drag a text widget into the sidebar;
  4. In the blank text widget add the following code:

<img src="paste image link here">


Here are some links to some badges, including some by the late, great Bev Evans:


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