What should I do when a member of staff leaves?

The only person that can delete a user account in a WordPress Multisite environment is a network administrator. However, be sure that you want to do this before deleting a user. This is because if you delete a user account you will also delete all their blog postsalong with them. Therefore, the simplest thing to do when a member of staff leaves is to edit their profile and make two amendments. The first is to change their email address to a dummy email and the second is to change their password. The former removes their ability to recover a lost password and the latter revokes their access to the system.

It is important to note that if the member of staff leaving is also a network administrator you should revoke their network administrator privileges by unticking the box on their profile.

To access any user’s profile go to:

Network Admin > Users

Note: use the search box at top right to quickly locate a specific user account.


In summary:

  1. Do not delete them;
  2. Change their email address on their profile to a dummy email;
  3. Change their password.
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