How do I find someone's password?

The short answer is, you can’t. All passwords are encrypted for security reasons. If a member of staff forgets their password then encourage them to click “Lost your password” underneath the login screen.

If the person has a dummy email address associated with their user account (this will apply to most children) they will not be able to reset their password themselves and you will need to change it for them. You do this by finding and editing their profile which can be found by visiting Network Admin > Users. Once you have located their username, edit their profile and enter a new password. You will then need to communicate this to the user. You will need to have network admin user rights to do this.

Important note: in the default setup for Creative Blogs sites children do not have access to their profile and so they are unable to change their passwords from that which was given to them when their account was created. It is imperative, therefore, that you keep lists with details of children’s logins on and refer to these when a child forgets their password rather than changing it as you go.

Creative Blogs cannot print off user lists or decrypt lost passwords for you.

WordPress security does not allow this. Where we have created user accounts in bulk we will send you spreadsheets with those user accounts on them. We will not retain copies of these spreadsheets on our computers for data protection reasons.

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