How we keep your blogsite secure


We are getting asked more and more about web security by schools auditing their online provision. This post outlines the systems and procedures we have in place to keep your site secure.


We backup your site every night to a separate dedicated backup server. Backups are retained for 4 weeks before they are overwritten. 

Server Hosting

All our webservers are located in the UK in Rapidswitch's Maidenhead, Berks data centre.

We do not host any images or data in any other location.

Software updates

One of the key issues in avoiding web vulnerabilities is to keep software, themes and plugins up to date. We have developed our own software that automatically updates Wordpress, themes and plugins every night so you can be sure that your site is up to date at all times.

Note: not all themes and plugins are updated every night, we prioritise important updates, so occasionally you may see a few updates pending on your network admin dashboard. 

Malware, Virus and Hack Prevention

We use Wordfence on every single one of  our blogs to block hackers and report malware injections etc.

Password Security

Password security is the responsibility of the user, although we do provide a password audit tool for network administrators to review the security of user passwords on their network.

Note: to run a password audit go to Network Admin > Dashboard >Wordfence > Password Audit

SSL Encryption

Because we hold no personal data beyond username, email address and password (and for children this is usually a dummy email), SSL encryption is not normally required. However, recent announcements by Google Chrome and other browser companies will mean that browsers will report sites not using SSL as "not secure". As a result, we are gradually rolling out SSL encryption across our network. For more information about this click here.

We will update this post as and when necessary

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