What does your annual hosting fee include?

The annual hosting fee for one of our Wordpress Multisite platforms currently stands at £600+VAT per annum and has been the same for the last 3 years. We think this compares extremely favourably with most website hosting and learning platform packages. Here is what is included:

  • Wordpress multisite blog platform with the ability to create as many blogs as you need;*
  • Registration and hosting of a domain name on your behalf;
  • Site hosting on premium spec, dedicated UK servers (more details here)
  • A suite of premium plugins and themes to enhance functionality, design, e safety and web security, e.g: Gravity Forms, Wordfence, Easyblogging and Woo Themes;
  • Our own custom written e safety plugin;
  • A comprehensive suite of video tutorials built in to your site;
  • As much webspace and bandwidth as is required to deliver the service;**
  • Overnight backup of your complete platform;
  • Technical support helpdesk.***


*Although we do not limit the number of blogs you can create, our prices are based on 'fair use'. If you wanted to create hundreds of blogs, for example, we reserve the right to negotiate an increased annual fee. We have not done this in 11 years of hosting school blogs.

**Again, based on 'fair use' principles we will ensure you have enough diskspace and bandwidth to blog on as many blogs as you have created. Our servers and bandwidth capacities preclude you from using our platform as a "multimedia platform" which means you cannot use our service for video or audio hosting in bulk.

***We can be contacted for technical support via our helpdesk, twitter, Facebook, email, text or telephone. As a result of contact via means other than the helpdesk, we may require you to log the support request via the helpdesk to facilitate tracking of your support requests.

Technical support includes all issues relating to hosting, plugins, functionality etc of our platform. It does not include the management of your platform e.g. the creation of new blogs and users, extra design features, adding content etc. This work is chargeable at our discretion, but we will always provide a quote for any work that we do that is outside the remit of 'technical support' prior to undertaking it.



Can we buy a part year or pay monthly for our hosting?

No. We only offer a flat rate annual hosting service for all our customers.

How much notice must we give to terminate our hosting?

We will automatically raise a renewal invoice between 4 and 6 weeks before the annual hosting period comes to an end. Should you no longer wish to receive our service, simply let us know in writing on receipt of the invoice. Please note: if you do not let us know prior to the renewal date that you no longer wish to receive our service we may charge you £75 per month for any month or part month for which we have continued to provide a service prior to cancellation.

We have received an invoice and we want to quote a purchase order reference.

On receipt of the annual invoice simply contact accounts@creativeblogs.net quoting your invoice number and the required purchase order number and we will happily re-issue the invoice. Note: this will not change the date at which annual hosting becomes due.

Can we purchase a multi-year deal at a reduced rate?

Currently we do not offer multi-year hosting packages, but we will certainly listen to ideas if this is something you are interested in.

Can we have a copy of our data?

Of course you can. If you wish to transfer your site to another Wordpress host we will provide a backup of your database via an online cloud platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Note that we will remove all premium plugins and themes from any such backup unless you can provide us with evidence that you have purchased licences for these products separately. We will not provide a physical media copy.

Do you have a guaranteed response time for technical support?

We don't. We do not operate a manned support desk at this time - we would immediately have to raise our prices were we to offer this.. In practice we work hard to provide our customers with the best support we can. We have been providing blogs to schools for 11 years and pride ourselves on being able to resolve every issue raised in a timely fashion.

Do you have a guaranteed up time for your service?

We provide our service on a 'best endeavours' basis. We offer no guarantees or warranties on our service. We have provided hosting for Wordpress to almost 300 schools over the last 11 years and we believe our track record bears every scrutiny.

What if we want to register the domain name of our site ourselves?

That is absolutely fine, but make sure you are able to access the control panel for the domain and amend the DNS records to those that we provide. The annual cost will remain the same.

Can we use our domain to host other services such as Google Drive and Office 365?

On your instruction we will add the necessary DNS records to enable the use of Gmail, Drive and Office 365 mail etc on your domain. These services will need to be hosted elsewhere and we will simply point the DNS records at the relevant service. Important note: this is done on a 'best endeavours' basis and we do not offer a guaranteed support response time, nor will we offer support for these services. Our role will be simply the management of the DNS records. We reserve the right to make a discretionary charge for managing your DNS records based on the time required at a rate of £50 per hour (minimum charge £50+VAT).

We have our own web server. Can you build your platform on our servers?

No, we will only support blogs hosted on our own servers.


Any queries not covered here, please address them via email to john@creativeblogs.net

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