How to switch user roles in bulk

The ability to switch user roles for your whole class in bulk is very useful. For example, you might want the class to upload some images they have made to a blogpost or access the Compfight plugin to search and insert copyright free images. You might also want to use it to avoid having to moderate blogposts that have been written during a lesson that you have checked prior to publication.

Children are normally set as contributors which means that any post they post is held in moderation prior to publication. In most cases you will wish to switch their role to "Author" for the duration of the lesson. This gives them two additional important privileges:

  1. The ability to post without moderation.
  2. The ability to post images.

Do this just before the start of the lesson and then reverse the process at the end and switch them back to Contributors. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL GIVE THE CHILDREN FULL PUBLICATION RIGHTS AT HOME AND THE ABILITY TO UPLOAD PICTURES.


  1. Go to Users > All Users;
  2. Filter the view to just show contributors and select all the users whose role you wish to change;
  3. Use the the "Change Role To" drop down to select "Author";
  4. Click the "Apply" box

At the end of the lesson, repeat these steps but select "Contributor" from the dropdown.

Important note: you must not allow children to upload copyrighted media to their blogposts. We will not accept responsibility for the consequences if you do. Read this post.

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