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The Visualizer plugin is an extremely useful plugin and is installed as standard in all our sites. It allows you to create and display a graph on a blog that is populated from data that is stored on a spreadsheet. While it’s possible to create a spreadsheet on a pc and upload it to your blog for Visualizer to use, it’s real power is in the fact that it can be linked to an online spreadsheet; thus, when the spreadsheet is updated the graph automatically updates. Some very obvious and simple uses might include:

  • Collecting of housepoints;
  • Publishing weekly attendance data by class;
  • Fundraising charts;
  • Science projects that collect data over time, e.g. temperature.

The graph above took me approximately 5 minutes to create and was extremely simple.

Step 1: I created a spreadsheet using Google Sheets with my attendance data on it.

Note that columns are headed either “string” for text, or number for data.

Step 2: I published my spreadsheet to the web in CSV format. Simple instructions here:

Step 3: I went to my WordPress Blog menu having already installed the Visualizer plugin and navigated to Media > Visualizer Library. I clicked “Add New” to create a new chart and followed the very simple wizard through to build my graph.

Step 4: Once finished, the plugin gives you a shortcode to display the graph either in a text widget or in a blogpost. Simply copy the code and paste it into the blogpost/page/text widget.

There is a lot more information on the Visualizer plugin page on

Here is another well illustrated tutorial to help:


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