How to autopost pictures to your class blog from Twitter via IFTTT

How to Autopost to your blog from Twitter using IFTTT


  1. Create a free account on;
  2. Connect the Wordpress Service in IFTTT to your blog - you'll need your blog address, username and password;
  3. Connect the Twitter Service in IFTTT to your Twitter account (note 1, if you are logged in to Twitter on your device/PC it will simply ask to authorise; note 2, this won't work with a protected Twitter account)
  4. Create a new applet:
    1. If this: select your twitter channel
    2. Choose a trigger: "A new tweet from me with a specific hashtag"
    3. Add the hashtag of your choice e.g. #classblog or #goodwork etc
    4. Then that: select your Wordpress Service and choose “Create a photopost on my blog”
    5. Click: “Create Applet”


Note: I always choose a hashtag when using this applet otherwise you will create a new post on your blog every single time you tweet.


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