How to remove a blog from the Recent Global Posts widget

On nearly all of our sites “Recent Global Posts” widget prominently displays all of the latest posts from all blogs. It’s a really powerful feature that helps build community. However, one slight issue is that it displays post titles and links to posts even if they are on private blogs (the posts themselves remain private as clicking on the link demands a login). A private blog might be a staffroom blog, or a child’s early years learning journey, etc. It would be much better if those posts and links to private blogs remained hidden.  This is straightforward to achieve as the widget allows you to exclude specific blogs.

You can exclude individual posts from the global post feed as follows:
1) You need to find the blog id of the blog that you wish to exclude. You do this by going to Network Admin > Sites and pull up the sites list for your blogs. Then click “edit” under the blog that you wish to exclude. Now look at the URL. This will end in a number. That number is the blog ID of that blog. By going back to the whole sites list and clicking edit you can note a list of numbers of blogs that you wish to exclude. Once you have your list, go back to the dashboard of the homepage.

Site number in URL is highlighted

2) Now go to Appearance > Widgets and open the Recent Global Posts widget. In the bottom “Exclude Blogs” box enter your list of numbers separated by commas. Save. Finished.
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