WP Ulike plugin settings

Function: the WP Ulike plugin adds a social media style "like" function to blogs and comments in the form of a "Thumbs Up" or "Heart" icon. It counts "likes" and optionally tracks and logs users who "like" posts.

Enabling the plugin: Ask your school's network administrator to visit their Network Admin > Plugins dashboard and "Network Activate" the plugin.

Setting up the plugin on a class blog: Once activated, the plugin will display a like icon on every post, page, slide and comment etc on your blog. It's worth taking a few minutes to customise the settings for your own class blog.

Go to the Admin Dashboard of your blog and you will see the WP Ulike plugin now feature on your left hand menu. Click on the menu option to reveal the various menu options. Click on "WP ULike Settings".

The most important part of the settings is the filter which determines on which part of your class blog the "like" icon appears. For most class blogs you will only want the "like" icon to appear on posts.

Further down the page of settings you will see a similar set of options controlling the "like" icon in comments. To disable the "like" icon on comments, simply make sure the "Automatic display" box is unticked. In the example below, only registered users will be able to "like" comments and they will need to be logged in before the "like" icon appears.

Note: by "registered users", the system means members of that particular blog only.

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