Old browsers are our biggest bugbear

Many of the issues that get reported to our helpdesk are related to problems with web browsers: blogs not displaying properly, features within sites not working etc. As web platforms become increasingly sophisticated, developers take advantage of new features that modern browsers can support. Many of these features simply don't exist in old browsers.

In the past, web developers spent a lot of time ensuring that their web platforms were backwardly compatible, i.e. they would work with older versions of web browsers. This is no longer the case.

We still come across examples of Internet Explorer 8 in schools despite the fact that the browser is 7 years old and is a known security risk to networks. What is more, it is no longer supported by Microsoft.

As our Wordpress based blogging platform has developed in sophistication we are seeing all kinds of issues appearing, especially in the post editor. We cannot fix these problems for you. The only solution is to upgrade to a modern browser. Don't get stuck with a dinosaur!


photo credit: Lego Dinosaur via photopin (license)

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