How to add a button to a slide on your homepage

This is a short video that shows you how to edit the buttons on a slide, or add new buttons.

Please note that on some of our sites buttons are placed on a page, not a slide. If that is the case, go to Pages, and find the page with the slide buttons on it (often called "Our Blogs", or something similar). The editing process is then identical.

Also note that these type of button short codes will only work on a Woo Themes blog theme of the type that we typically use for our homepages.

Notes on button colours

In the example above the colour of the button is set to "navy". This text can be edited to any of the standard web colour names (list here). In addition you can assign colours to buttons by use of colour hex codes, a six digit code preceded by a hash, e.g. #000000 = black. This gives you a vast array of possible colours and shades. To use hex codes in button codes simple replace the colour name with the required hex code. In the example in the video, color="navy" and color="#000080" would produce exactly the same result. (list of standard colours by hex code)

Finally, note that in button shortcodes the Americanised spelling "color" is used.

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