Blogbooker - outputting a blog as a pdf file is a website that allows you to convert a blog into a pdf file. This can be very useful where you want to produce a printed version of a blog or output a blog as a file to pass on to parents, for children to keep or for your own records.

To try the system you don't even need to sign up. Simply select your blog type (if it's a Creative Blogs site select "Wordpress") and set the date range required for your posts. Note that the free version gives you relatively few control options (just date range and font, and post order) but you can optionally add or exclude comments, a table of contents, post author name etc. Blogbooker outputs your blog in chronological order (i.e. the oldest blogpost will appear first in your pdf, but you can switch to reverse chronological order if you wish by ticking the box.

To output your blog as a pdf follow the following steps:

  1. If your blog is a private blog (for example, blogs being used as Early Learning Journeys)you need to make it public before outputting to Blogbooker (switch it back to private afterwards). You do this by going to Settings > Reading on the dashboard of the blog and changing the Site Visibility option to allow Search engines to index the site.
  2. Go to Tools > Export on the dashboard of your blog and output all the content of your blog as an XML file. Note that if you select "posts" you have the option to export specific categories, authors or date ranges (Time consuming, but useful if you want to export content for individual children from your class blog - see notes on premium pricing below). Download and save the export file to your computer.
  3. Go to and select Wordpress as the type of blog. Now set your options such as date range, whether to add a table of contents, author name etc. Using the orange button browse to your saved export file and add the web address of your blog. Blogbooker will now process the blog and in a few moments you will be allowed to save your pdf file straight to Dropbox, Google Drive or your computer.

Important note: don't forget to reverse step 1 if your blog was private.

Premium Price Options

The biggest limitation on using Blogbooker in schools is the  premium pricing model it has adopted. This means that if you wanted to output a pdf for each member of your class from your blog you would need to purchase the Premium package as you would need to be able to output about 30 different pdfs from your blog. Currently this costs £54, and because each class blog is a separate URL you'd need to buy a premium account per class. I have contacted Blogbooker to see if they have an educational price or an enterprise solution whereby any blog on a domain can use the service in an unlimited way. I will post feedback from them here.

Paradoxically, if you are using our platform to record learning journeys in the early years you will be able to use the free version because each blog has a separate URL.

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