Adding a linked image to a sidebar of a blog

Sometimes it's useful to be able to add an image to a link in the sidebar of a blog for visual impact, design or for children that can't yet read.  For example: adding a "Blog of the week" button is a bright and colourful way to highlight a great blogpost and reward your best bloggers: 


Step 1: Upload an image to the media library (Media > Add New) Once uploaded the image will have its own URL which you need to highlight and copy. You can view the URL by clicking "edit" once you have uploaded the image.

Note that the image itself should be no bigger than 200x200 pixels in order to fit in the sidebar of the blog.


Step 2: Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag and drop a text widget to the appropriate position in the sidebar.


Step 3: Type the following HTML code into the blank text widget:


<a href=”put the link of the site you want to link to here”><img src=”put the link to the image here”></a>


Note that the spaces and quote marks are vital. The red text will be replaced by the link that you wish the button to link to (i.e. in the example, a link to the best blogpost that week); the blue text will be the link to the image itself copied from the media library.

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