Simple ways to modify how Slickr Flickr displays a gallery

In Slickr Flickr a "Gallery" is the default display for images. It is a series of thumbnail images of the chosen set of images.

To display a gallery of latest images in your blog that have been uploaded to your Flickr account you simply need to use the shortcode


This is quite limiting and there are some simple ways to modify this standard display.

Tutorial on how to display a specific tag.

Tutorial on how to display a specific album.

In addition to modifying the selection of images displayed you can also modify the display characteristics in several ways:

You can set the number of thumbnails per row by using the modifier photos_per_row="?" replace the question mark with a number.

You can change the alignment of the gallery to display left, right or centred by using align="?" Replace the question mark with right, left or center (note American spelling)

In the example below the gallery is displaying the tag "Asturias", has 4 thumbnails per row and is centred.

[slickr-flickr photos_per_row="4" align="center" tag="Asturias"]

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