How to display an album using Slickr Flickr

If you use the "Organizr" in Flickr to organise your images into albums you can display any of these albums using a Slickr Flickr shortcode.

In the visual editor for a blog post or page (or sidebar widget) open a Slickr Flickr shortcode by typing [slickr-flickr (don't forget the hyphen).

Next add the type of photo display you want by using type="slideshow" (or "gallery" or "galleria").

Now tell Slickr Flickr that you are going to search for an album (or "set" in Flickr language), so add search="sets" 

Next you need to find the set for the album you wish to display. Do this in Flickr by going clicking on Albums and then open the album that you wish to display. Look at the web address of the album, it will look something like this:

You need to copy the full set of numbers after /albums/, this is the unique for the album that you are choosing to display. Add the following to your short code set="72157648166148649" where the number is the number of your Flickr album.

Finally, add the size of the slideshow by typing size="large"] then closing the square brackets. Your short code is complete and will look something like this:

[slickr-flickr type="slideshow" search="sets" set="72157648166148649" size="large"]

Note: you can copy and paste the above code and just change the set number.


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