How to display photos with a specific tag

Using the Organizr in Flickr it is very easy to add tags to photos that you have uploaded. This is useful because it allows you to search for content in Flickr. It also allows you to display photos just from those tags. For example, you might tag some photos Residential, Numeracy or Literacy or whatever you choose. Once you have tagged some images it is easy to display the selection by using a Slickr Flickr shortcode.

Begin the shortcode in a blogpost or page with [slickr-flickr (don't forget the hyphen)

Now add the style style of display that you wish to select type="slideshow" (other alternatives are "gallery" or "galleria").

If you want, change the size of the display by adding size="medium" (alternatives are "small" and "large").

Now add the tag that you wish to search for: tag="Residential"] not forgetting to close the square brackets.

Put together your shortcode will look something like:

[slickr-flickr type="slideshow" size="medium" tag="Residential"]



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