Sample Forms to Upload to your blog

This page will develop into a resource base for forms that you can upload to your blog and use. The forms us the Gravity Forms plugin so make sure that the plugin is installed and activated on your blog prior to attempting a form.


Download the form of your choice from this page and save it on your hard drive.

On your blog, go to Forms > Import/Export

Now click on the Import Forms tab and select the file that you downloaded. Upload it to your site by clicking the blue Import button. The uploaded form will now be in the list of forms available to you to enter into blogposts or pages.



All forms are uploaded at the users own risk and Creative Blogs will not take responsibility for any mistakes in the forms. Please review the form settings once uploaded to ensure that the settings are in accordance with how you intend to use the form.

1. A form incorporating an image uploader

This is a basic form that includes Post Title, Post Body and Post Tags fields. The Image uploader includes a caption field and any uploaded image will also be used as a featured image if your theme uses featured images. Any form submitted is set to be reviewed prior to publishing.


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