Slickr Flickr Parameters to Modify Photo Displays

Below is a list of parameters that can be modified when you display pictures from Flickr on your blog.

Start with a basic Slickr Flickr shortcode that determines the type of display that you are using. For example:

[slickr-flickr type="slideshow"]

Other types can be "gallery" or "galleria"

Then add parameters to modify your display. For example:

[slickr-flickr type="slideshow" size="large" captions="off"]

Note that the parameter is always followed by = and the modifier is in double quotes.

In the example above you will display a slideshow in large size (you could also pick small or medium) and the captions for pictures are set to off so the pictures will be displayed on their own without any captions that you have added to the pictures in Flickr.

List of parameters 

  • search – "photos" (default), "groups", "favorites", "friends" or "sets" (a set is an album in Flickr speak) Example: search="sets"
  • tag – identifies what photos to display – (but is ignored where the search is for "friends", "groups" or "favorites") Example: tag="schooltrip" will find pictures tagged schooltrip.
  • set – number of the photoset (album) in Flickr – used when search="sets" (see tutorial)
  • items – maximum number photos to display in the gallery or slideshow (default is 20) Example: items="15"
  • type – "gallery", "galleria" or "slideshow" (default is gallery) Example: type="gallery"
  • captions – whether captions are "on" or "off" (default is on) Example: captions="off"
  • delay – delay in seconds between each image in the slide show (default is 5)
  • transition – slide transition time in seconds (only available in Slickr Flickr Pro edition) Example: transition="3"
  • start – number of the starting slide in the slideshow or ‘random’ for a random start (default is 1) – only applies when type="slideshow" Example: start="random"
  • autoplay – "on" or "off" (default is on) – only applies when type="galleria" Example: autoplay="off"
  • pause – "on" or "off" – default is off. Example: pause="off" stops slideshows pausing on hovering over images.
  • orientation – landscape or portrait (default is landscape) Example: orientation="portrait"
  • size – "small", "medium", "m640", "large" or "original" (default is “medium” but only use “original” or “medium” for galleries and only use “large” if you actually have large photos on Flickr – over 1024 width typically) Size only applies to type="slideshow" and type="gallery'. If type="galleria" then image size is set with galleria_options=”height:600;width:800″ (height and width are in pixels and are adjustable)
  • width – width of slideshow in pixels (only available in Slickr Flickr Pro edition) Example: width="600"
  • height – height of slideshow (only available in Slickr Flickr Pro edition) Example: height="500"
  • thumbnail_size – "square" (75x75px), "thumbnail" (100x75px), "small" (240x180px) – default is square (this parameter only applies when type="gallery") Example: thumbnail_size="square"
  • thumbnail_captions – "on" or "off" – default is "off" – adds the photo title as a caption beneath each thumbnail – typically use this when you use larger thumbnails (only applies when type="gallery") Example: thumbnail_captions="on"
  • photos_per_row – narrow the gallery to limit the number of photos per row – values would typically be in the range from 2 to 6. This is really useful if you want a gallery in a sidebar widget. In this instance, set photos_per_row="2"
  • align – align the slideshow or gallery in the "center" (note American spelling, to the "left" or to the "right" (default is "left"). This only works when type="gallery" or type="slideshow", not "galleria". Example: align="center"
  • border – show a border around the slideshow images – "on" or "off" (default off) Example: border="on"
  • descriptions – "on" or "off" (default off) – show the photo description underneath the caption. Example: descriptions="on"
  • flickr_link – on or off (default off) – make the caption a link back to the photo on Flickr. Example: flickr_link="on" so only works if captions="on" as well.
  • flickr_link_target – set to “_blank” to show photo on Flickr in a new tab/window Example: flickr_link_target="_blank"
  • link – send the user to another URL when they click on the slideshow. Example: link=""
  • attribution – line that can be used to credit the photographer above the slideshow or gallery Example: attribution="Mr Sutton"
  • sort – "date", "title", or "description". Example sort="date"
  • direction – "ascending" or "descending" – used when sorting photos. Example: sort="ascending"


[slickr-flickr type="gallery" tag="schooltrip" size="small" border="on" flickr_link="on"]

You can combine as many modifying parameters as you like.

For a complete list of parameters, please refer to the Slickr Flickr website.

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