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Blog The World Cup is a project that we have ran periodically very successfully over the years. It presents a perfect opportunity for children to write match reports, player and team profiles, undertake cultural research etc. This year we have created writing frames for match reports, team profiles and player profiles. These can be downloaded for free and installed on your own class blog provided you are using the Gravity Forms plugin (which all Creative Blogs customers have access to).

Before you start

1. Check that Gravity Forms is installed and active on your class blog. The easiest way to check this is to look at your class blog's dashboard. If Gravity Forms is installed and active you will see a menu item called "Forms". 

2. Under the forms sub menu, click on "Settings" and check that the copy of Gravity Forms is properly licenced (note: we purchase a licence on behalf of all our customers but some of our older sites may need a new licence key adding). If it is properly licenced you will see a green tick.

3. Check that reCaptcha keys have been entered in settings on Gravity Forms. These are at the foot of the settings screen in Gravity Forms. (here's a video on how to do this)

If any of the above are missing then please raise a support request with us and we will ensure that Gravity Forms is correctly configured on your class blog.

Importing the forms

Download the attachment to this blogpost (right at the bottom of this page) and save it on the hard drive of the computer you are working on. The video below will show you how to import the forms.


Publishing the Forms on a Page

Because each form is fairly complex it is best to put each one on a separate page and then build a custom menu to display them on your blog. This video shows you how to publish the forms on a page and create a menu for them. You'll need to create 6 separate pages:

  • BTWC or Blogtheworldcup (leave page blank)
  • Player Profile
  • Team Profile
  • Venue Profile
  • Match Report
  • Country Report


Adding a #BTWC category to each form

In order to add your posts to the #BTWC blog you need to make sure that there is a #BTWC category attached to each form. The video below shows you how to do this.


Registering your class blog on the #BTWC blogsite

The final task is to register your class blog on the blog. This will enable your class to share their work with all other participating schools. To do this simply fill in the form with you class blog details.

Click here to register


Click the file below to download the forms.


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