Adding the forms pack to your blog

We have created a pack of forms that you can upload to your class blog for free. In order to use our form pack you must have Gravity Forms installed on your blog (see 1 and 2 below). 

  • KS2 book review form;
  • Scaffolded book review form for less able KS2 or KS1 children;
  • Sports match report for sports matches at your school (can also be used to write reports of Premier League games etc);
  • EYFS Popcorn the bear form - a form to be used in conjunction with a class teddy for shared writing at home;
  • Standard blog post form to allow children to write a simple blogpost without logging in;
  • A blog post form with an image uploader;
  • A school trip report form with image uploader;
  • School leaver/ex pupil or alumni form;
  • Computer game review form;
  • Governing Body data capture form.

The pack can be downloaded from the link at the foot of this help article.

Before you download the form pack you need to check two things about the installation of Gravity Forms on your blogsite:

  1. Is your Gravity Forms licence valid? (How to check)
  2. Have you got Captcha keys configured? (how to check and how to configure)

Now that these are configured correctly, click the link at the bottom of this post to download the forms pack.

Once you have saved the form pack to your computer go to the dashboard of your blog. Once there follow the simple instructions in this short video.

Click the link below to download the pack

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