Creating a private INSET records blog

With INSET budgets becoming increasingly strained and the need to evidence a return on the investment it would seem obvious to create a simple route to share resources and lessons from INSET without eating into precious staff meeting time. Too often, INSET attendance is simply recorded on a piece of paper that disappears into a personnel file. What if you made it mandatory to share any resources and messages that staff learned about via a staff INSET blog? This is really simple to set up. Make sure you are a network administrator before undertaking this.

Step 1 Create a new blog

Go to Network Admin > Sites > Add New and create a new blog making yourself the administrator.

Step 2 Make the blog viewable to members only

Go to the new blog's dashboard and visit Settings > Reading and look for the section headed "Site Visibility". Set visibility to "Registered Members only"

Here's a video to show you how:

Step 3 Add all staff to the blog as members

Next, from the menu, select AMU > Add from Network

Here's a video to show you how to add the teachers to the blog.

Step 4 Import the Inset form and add it to a page.

Finally, click the link at the foot of this post to down load the insetrecord.json form. Now, from your new INSET blog's dashboard, go to Forms > Import/Export and import the form you have just downloaded.

Here's a video on how to import a form.

Now go to Pages > Add New and create a new page called "Add a new INSET record" or similar. Add the form to this page and publish.

Video on how to add a form to a page.

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